CNC: re:ni, Forest Drive West, Pessimist

Posted by Blake Leigh on

Yes yes, Club Night Club is back again on the 28th of May.

CNC Presents: Re:ni, Forest Drive West, Pessimist.

Heads up! This event is going to be our last party for a month or two as we take some time off for summer. Don’t worry though, we’re using the break to line up some naughty warehouse stuff for early fall. Be sure to catch this last banger at Sugar Hill, it’ll be the final CNC for a short while! To close the season out in style we have an all star cast of heavy hitters coming to town… don’t sleep.

Lineup & Info:

Back behind the decks is London’s Re:ni. Her first time back at CNC since 2018 - wow! One of the most technically advanced and conceptually devious artists in the game right now, co-host of the Re:Lax party series and NTS show alongside Laksa. A fierce producer in her own right (check her wicked new 12” on Ilian Tape), she’s back in the big city to do some damage.

Hard to pick a favorite mix, but check out a lethal contribution to the Dekmantel mix series here:

Next up - a CNC debut: Forest Drive West. Another Londoner is headed this way in May, preceded only by his glowing reputation. Perhaps one of the most unanimously respected producers of the last few years, just about every DJ in the world has one of his creations loaded onto the stick. Since 2016 the Hidden Hawaii/Livity Sound regular has garnered a loyal following for his relentlessly consistent export of heady and hypnotic club music. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him in true CNC style!

Check out an extremely norty recent mix here for the Ilian Tape series here:

Last but most certainly not least, our old friend Pessimist is back in town. CNC regulars will remember his last time in the states, crushing what turned out to be our last party before Covid in May 2020. You can find the live recording here:

Like FDW he’s another UK producer who somehow achieves the impossible balance of being equally talented in both the studio and behind the decks. The recording of his last CNC outing was possibly one of the most popular live sets we’ve dropped to date. Get ready to feel those subs pushed to the limit by one of the most exciting Drum and Bass veterans in the scene.

Come down for our last show for a little while, you won’t regret it ;)

Finally, Club Night Club operates a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind - please be respectful of fellow dancers, and do nothing to stop anyone having a pleasant, dance-filled evening.

See u soon :)

Peace and love!!
CNC xx