CNC Halloween: Nkisi, Emma DJ, Mosca

Posted by Blake Leigh on

You know what month it is, you know what’s happening.

We’re back for the most unhinged weekend of the year in New York City. This may be our wildest yet..

Club Night Club Halloween: Nkisi, Mosca, Emma dj

Please note - the location for this event has been updated. Address will be sent to ticket holders only on the day of the event.

That’s right, CNC Halloween is going down on October the 29th. Prepare for some true demon-mode late night rave energy. To help us celebrate we’ve enlisted the help of three artists we have wanted to host for a long time: Nkisi, Mosca and emma dj. All three heavyweights with their own distinctive styles, converging on the big apple for a night of the spookiest hedonism.

Topping the bill we have Nkisi rocking the peak time slot.

A powerful voice in the underground for the past decade, known for the fierce and unique sound she has crafted over the years. Her productions and DJ sets alike fuse African polyrhythmic club energy with Euro hard dance flavor, the result being a plosive yet emotional total sensory bombardment.

The London-based musician and visual artist is also one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide, a collective of experimental artists from across the African diaspora. Nkisi is an artist we have wanted to book for years and Halloween seemed like the perfect pairing. Hope you are as excited as we are for whatever madness awaits.
Next up, the one and only Mosca.

A name that should be familiar to anyone who has ever owned a usb, or perhaps just to anyone who has ever had ears. Maybe one of the most consistently brilliant producers in the game, creator of some of the past decade’s most intelligent and innovative club joints. We are super excited to have coerced the notoriously elusive selector away from the studio and onto the decks just for the occasion! Make sure to check his regular NTS slot!

Wrapping things up is Parisian bad boy emma dj. The UIQ/BFDM affiliate has gained well-deserved attention over the past few years for his demonic power electronics. Following up on his 2019 album for UIQ, this summer his latest full length ‘Melon Siesto’ LP dropped on L.I.E.S. Much like his live sets, the album is a warped machine-noise onslaught of the most deranged kind.

We couldn’t think of anyone better to call up for closing duties on an unhinged CNC Halloween ;)

Head on down on Saturday the 29th for what we think is gonna be our most evil Halloween to date…
We can’t wait to see you back on the floor in costume, this one’s gonna be wild.

See you soon!
Peace and love,
CNC xx