Club Night Club is excited to release the next installment in our tape series: 


Relaxer - ‘Force Field’ [CNCTS003]


The tape consists of two original longform compositions by the New York based interdisciplinary artist Relaxer, a chameleonic force in the North American underground for the past decade. 


With TS003 CNC is honored to be able to showcase a new side to the Relaxer project; a haunting and introspective piece of worldbuilding and linguistic experimentalism. 


Coming as a significant deviation from the plosive club productions he is most known for, Force Field is a focused and unsettling work of semiotic introspection, an intimate stygian landscape of silence and texture in equal measure.    


Some words from Relaxer below:


Force Field exists in a field of silence and memory. Chords drift on the edge of audibility and decay into emptiness. Memories emerge cryptically from the dark abyss of the unconscious. We travel across continents and decades and to California, Washington DC, Crete, New York, Berlin and into our own vast interiority. This is a music of glowing opacity, meant to be peered into. 


The a-side was composed between Oct 2020-May 2021 and premiered at Sustain-Release later that year. Written for piano, voice, organ and computer, it presents a web of harmonies that bloom and collapse into each other in a time-outside-of-time.  The b-side was composed in 2022 as an inversion of the original work. Silence is replaced with glistening, cold surfaces. The supple harmonies are recast as solid, vibrating sheets of sound. The voice is subsumed by intractable, wordless experience. It exists in a frozen time. 


Force Field is a major break from my previous work and introduces a new creative lane which runs parallel to my techno productions. These pieces and their as-of-yet unreleased offspring are part of a larger web of sonic exploration, text-based work, spatial sound design, dance performance and voice. They reach back to my roots in punk bands and free improv collectives and look forward to fresh, emerging compositional worlds. 


Available now, limited to 75 copies

Designed by David Johanson

Photos by Timothy O'Connell