CNC: Flora Yin-Wong, Bruce, PLO Man

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Kicking things off we have an early live set from Pent. A friendly face for many years in the local scene and someone we have been dying to see perform on the big system for a long time. Many will have been lucky enough to catch their haunting set at the Sustain Release last year, a masterclass in tonal tension and synthetic beauty. Get down early to experience something truly special!

Check out these extracts from some madness in the woods of upstate New York for a taste of what is to come (and support an incredible artist while you’re at it!):

Topping the bill is the one and only Bruce. Our old friend is back from across the pond to do his thing. Through a long-standing commitment to the weirdest and wonkiest of sounds the Hessle Audio/Timedance regular has sustained a lengthy career in dance floor duties, consistently operating at the fringes of what club music can be. He is known in both his productions and sets alike for a characteristic defiance of any predictable formula. A master of fragmentation and subversion, some tracks shudder and pummel with plosive industrial power. Others veer towards the ephemeral, the melodic and tonal teasing out space for late night introspection.

Get ready to be (lovingly!) put through your paces with one of the best in the game back at the controls.

Check an instant-classic RA mix here:

Last month’s Truants session comes highly recommended too!

Next up a Club Night Club debut - the one and only PLO Man! Someone who we’ve been trying to showcase in CNC style for a long time. Junglist sub workouts, emotive housey goodness, Swamp-era funk - who knows what it’s gonna be? Only one way to find out though ;) Preceded by his well deserved reputation as a certified head, we couldn’t be more excited to see what the elusive Acting Press boss is gonna pull out of his bag next month.

Check out a classic Beats In Space Session from 2019 here:

Last and most certainly not least, we are delighted to be hosting London-based Flora Yin-Wong back to NY. The mind behind some of the most innovative sound design pressed to vinyl in recent years (her outstanding Modern Love record is one to check if unfamiliar), a lineage can be traced between her renegade attitude towards production and the chaotic power unleashed in her DJ sets. Get ready for something special with the PAN affiliate running the show!

Definitely check out both this firestarter Fact Mix and RA podcast ahead of the 7th if unfamiliar:

Tickets are now available on Resident Advisor via the link below. There will be a limited number of tickets on the door, but we would urge you not to sleep on the presale. Again, we expect this event to sell out and would urge you to grab a ticket asap if you want to secure entry to the party. The final release tickets for our last event were a little pricey. Throwing the kind of events we do we have to adjust ticket pricing according to the costs of each party. Rest assured, wherever we can we seek to keep our events as affordable as possible for all attendees, and for this one tickets are gonna be significantly cheaper than the last.

Finally, Club Night Club operates a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind - please be respectful of fellow dancers, and do nothing to stop anyone having a pleasant, dance-filled evening.

See u soon :)

Peace and love!!

CNC xx